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Jabber on Helix


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Over the last five years, the Jabber community has defined a set of XML streaming protocols, which are used for instant messaging and a wide range of other real-time applications. RealNetworks is forging a new relationship with this community with the extension of this grant. "Existing Jabber technologies will be significantly enhanced through integration with Helix, and Helix in turn will be enhanced by the real-time communications infrastructure that the Jabber protocols provide. This win-win synergy will help the Jabber and Helix communities become even more important in the Internet ecosystem over the next 12 months," said Ulrich Staudinger, Principal Investigator of this Grant Proposal.


Jabber on Helix

This project merges Jabber and Helix in an easy to deploy component, leading to an cross media instant messaging component.





JID (Jabber id)

Justin Karneges

Client side

Ulrich Staudinger

Server side


original proposal: proposal.html

Schedule: schedule.html

Usecases: usecases.html

Activity Diagrams: activity.html

ArgoUML file: helix.zargo

FOSDEM 2004 Presentation:


None yet.

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